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Since 2004, Chase Solutions has established itself as a one-stop solution par excellence for all IT related services. By focusing on providing outsourcing solutions across all verticals, we have been successful in developing maintaining and successfully functioning high end, robust projects. Ranked on the basis of customer satisfaction as the best IT solution providing firm in the industry, Chase Solutions focuses on quality online web application development and software development services since its inception with a well versed, efficient team of skilled Programmers. Rest assured, our expert technical team will deliver successfully launched projects to our clients!

Our Mission

Chase Solutions aims to provide excellent yet affordable services to our eminent clientele, so as to evoke the utmost customer satisfaction via quality deliverables.

Our Vision

Chase Solutions envisions itself contributing its best to every industry, thus technically advancing each industry to its utmost potential by delivering various quality developmental processes, products & delivery models to our clients, via the best possible medium of technology, thus overcoming all technical, functional and geographic barriers. Having practically imbibed the best corporate ethics, we strongly value quality excellence and hence are committed to nurturing trustworthy relationships globally.

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Our story…

The seed for an IT Solutions firm, like no other, was planted as way back as 1999. Navin Patel wanted to build a firm which was like no other when it came to the services it offered. It was his dedicated efforts and firm determination that finally helped find Chase in 2004. Today the team boasts of numerous talented professionals. Oh boy! Have we grown!

A Little extra…

Chase Solutions is a landmark IT outsourcing company located in India. Rooted in a strong professional ethics and experience under the professional leadership of Mr. Navin Patel (CEO), it is an innovative business driven firm. It is a 360 degree IT consultation and solutions management company, providing outstanding IT services globally since a decade.

Chase Solutions is renowned for its premium quality on-site and off-site services and its usage of the latest technological platforms and tools. We successfully deliver cost effective, qualitative and interactive technology and design solutions.

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